New structure of supervision based on the Provinces

The supervision network of the Attorney General’s Department has now been re-structured to accommodate a scheme based on the nine Provinces in the country. This is the first time in the history of the Attorney General’s Department that such a structure has been adopted and it follows the recent changes made to the cadre of officers.

The changes introduced recently saw the creation of two posts of Senior Additional Solicitor General. One will be in charge of the Civil Division and the other will be in charge of the Criminal Division. The number of Additional Solicitors General which stood at five has now been increased to nine. As such, presently there are nine Additional Solicitors General, who are in charge of the nine different Provinces.

In addition, a new post of Senior Deputy Solicitor General has been created and there will be nine Senior Deputy Solicitors General who will be assigned to the nine Provinces. These appointments are to be made very shortly.

Circular No. 19 of 2014 issued by the Hon. Attorney General has thus introduced a new supervision structure where an Additional Solicitor General has been assigned to be in charge of overall supervision of a Province. Deputy Solicitors General and Senior State Counsel have been assigned to the different Provinces to supervise work in the High Courts, District Courts, Magistrate’s Courts and Labour Tribunals within the Province.